How to use your diffuser jewelry?

How to use your diffuser jewelry?

At Zehnaria, we specialize in aromatherapy which means we LOVE our diffuser jewelry.  We design it to look good on you and to be good FOR you.  That said, USE IT!!!  Essential oils are a not a fad that is going to go away, in fact, they are on their way UP as more and more people learn about the benefits of this all natural product.  

Our diffuser jewelry contains volcanic lava stones, or lava rocks.  These porous stones act as a sponge and are able to soak up 1-2 drops of essential oils that will last you all day, sometimes 2 days. 

For your first application, we recommend setting your bracelet down on top of a paper towel. Then, add 1-2 drops of your favorite, undiluted essential oil, depending on your preference. Wait a few minutes to allow oils to absorb. You can also have some fun and mix different oils to find your perfect blend! We have tons of available oils that you can find at or

While we do have products with only lava rocks, most diffuser jewelry will also contain semi-precious gemstones.  These gemstones are for aesthetic purposes only, DO NOT put your essential oils on these gemstones.  It will only make a big mess and potential mess up your gemstones.   I have included a picture of lava stones below from one of our bracelets made entirely out of lava stone. 


How do you wear your essential oils?  Leave comments below.

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