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Gemstone Intentions
African Jade
A stone that strengthens your thoughts and assists in clear reasoning
African Jasper Turquoise
A stone of self-growth, spiritual awakening, and transformation. Opens the mind to new perspectives, possibilities, and ideas, and renews one's spirit, energy, and zest for life. Activates the third eye chakra, helping one receive guidance from their higher self.

A stone of truth, courage, and communication. Empowers one to express their true thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment from others. Helps one establish a healthy sense of self-worth and reduces tendencies to self-neglect, especially in women.

A protective stone that guards one from negative energy and psychic attacks. Accelerates the development of psychic abilities and intuition. Effective in overcoming addictions and compulsive behaviors, bringing self-awareness and healing.
One of the most powerful stones to facilitate contact with angels and spirit guides. Enhances telepathic communication, channeling, and clairvoyance. Has a gentle vibration that soothes overwhelming emotions during times of stress and overwhelm.
A stone of manifestation that improves ambition, motivation, and self-confidence, and stimulates creativity and imagination. Believed to be one of the most effective stones to curb appetite, stimulate metabolism, improve self-discipline, and aid weight loss.
A stone of communication that opens the throat chakra and aids all types of communication. Enables one to speak clearly and calmly, especially in difficult situations. Allows one to connect with their true self, leading to an enhanced sense of confidence and inner peace.
Helps one rapidly manifest prosperity, abundance, and career success. Beneficial stone for those in leadership positions as it promotes qualities of authenticity, confidence, and decisiveness. Heals painful emotions, particularly those experienced during childhood.
Deeply stimulates the third eye chakra and enhances psychic development. Strengthens the astral and etheric bodies, making one less vulnerable to psychic attack and negative influences. Aids the retention and assimilation of new information, making it effective for students
Divine Love - The Angel stone. Inspires loving thoughts and actions and joy for life. Helps remove body of stress and anxiety
Black Agate
Connects the spiritual and physical bodies together to ground one in reality. Transmutes dark emotions such as jealousy, anger, and resentment into positive emotions such as forgiveness, serenity, and love. Wearing Black Agate is also believed to bring good health and prosperity.
Black Lava Stone
Power rock that represents balance, grounding and protection to ward off negativity
Black Rutilated Quartz
Spiritual growth, relieves fear and anxiety, forgiveness, creativity, focus
Black Tourmaline
A very effective grounding stone, helping one feel safe, secure, and purposeful. Protective against psychic attacks, spells, evil spirits, and negative energy. It is recommended to be worn by anyone living or working in uncomfortable and negative environments.
One of the most powerful physical healing stones available. Radiates a warm and comforting energy, and is helpful in treating blood disorders, muscular injuries, and providing pain relief. It draws energy through the root chakra, giving one a sense of renewed vitality.
Blue Goldstone
A stone associated with success and abundance in all areas of life. Excellent for improving creativity and imagination. Working consistently with this stone can help one reach for the stars and have the courage and confidence to achieve all their dreams and desires.
Blue Lace Agate
A stone that aids the verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. Allows one to speak clearly and calmly, and not concern themselves with the opinions of other people. Relieves insomnia, calms an overactive mind, and is beneficial for soothing tension headaches.
Blue White Jade
Calm, protective, trust, peace
Botswana Agate
Believed to be one of the most effective stones to assist those who are on a journey to overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors and addictions, especially smoking. It is believed that one may experience a sudden spiritual awakening when working closely with this stone.
A high energy stone that restores vitality and increases motivation. Stimulates creativity and brings out undiscovered talents. Gives one the self-confidence and willpower to achieve success in business and other pursuits.
Stimulates clairvoyance and enhances psychic abilities. One of the most effective stones for helping one access and communicate with the celestial realm. Promotes purity of the heart, heals the aura, and aids dream recall.
Has a joyful and uplifting energy as it possesses healing properties of the sun. Helps one look to the future with hope, excitement, and optimism. Recognized as a stone of individuality, self-confidence, and manifestation, helping one rapidly attract abundance into their life.
Clear Quartz
One of the most powerful stones available, often referred to as a 'master healer'. Excellent for concentration as it improves mental clarity, enabling one to focus and think clearly. Amplifies the energies of other stones and can be programmed to manifest any intention.
Crazy Lace Agate
An uplifting stone that is recommended to be worn by anyone consciously working to shift their thought pattern to a higher, positive vibration. Helps trigger the release of endorphins, making it a great companion for anyone suffering with depression or anxiety.
Crystal Quartz
One of the most powerful stones available, often referred to as a 'master healer'. Excellent for concentration as it improves mental clarity, enabling one to focus and think clearly. Amplifies the energies of other stones and can be programmed to manifest any intention.
Dalmation Jasper
Proctection, healing, family, friendship, counters skepticism
Dragon Vein
Honesty, self-awareness and acceptance
Overcome bad habits, willpower, take control of life
Determination, willpower, self-discipline, energy
Fire Agate
Symbolizes grounding, centering, protection against negative energy, soothing energy to feel calm, safe, and secure.
Peace, clarity, and focus to soothe the mind by minimizing distractions; symbolizes alignment of the mind to the heart's true desires; represents alleviation of tension and stress
Inspiration, positive energy,
Golden Obsidian
Personal Power, success, protection
Green Aventurine
"Stone of opportunity", represents a way to stabilize emotions, reduces stress, and soothe pain caused by migraines or headaches; Considered to be one of the luckiest stones, which makes it a must-have for looking for a stone that represents good luck and prosperity
Green Jade
Calming, protection, good luck
Calming, grounding, protection, confidence, and strength and keep you grounded
Decision making, release burdens, courage, business success
Sleep, anger and resentment relief, calmness, and memory
Indian Agate
Anxiety relief, prosperity, good luck, courage, strength, self-confidence, healing, protection, warding of negativity, and calming
Stress, worry, positive thinking
Heartbreak, love, unions
Alignment, alleviates anger and confusion, spiritual awakening
Intuition, intellect, strenth for change
Lapis Lazuli
Gem of royalty and symbolized as the "stone of truth" to represent honesty, harmony, and wisdom.
Lava Stone
Power rock that represents balance, grounding and protection to ward off negativity
Balance and harmony to support anxiety and depression relief and focus energy on building something new and exciting
Open heart to change, clear negative experiences in past
Mookaite Jasper
Flexibility, new ideas, change acceptance, decision making
Love, peace, joy, happiness, and relationships
Unconditional love, attract and maintain love
Moss Agate
Harmony, balance, stress relief
Mystic Aura Quartz
Serenity, peace, and awareness
Strength, healing, self-confidence, good fortune, stress
Clear energy, verbalize hidden feelings, stabilize mood
Orange Calcite
Clear negative energy, self-esteem, confidence, aids in meditation
Opens heart to change, positive attitude
Pink Zebra Jasper
Calming, determination, and protection
Stone of vision, dreaming, and higher awareness
Purple Striped Agate
Concentration, focus, and mental power
Protect from negative energies and harm
Red Jasper
Stone of fertility,positivity, joy, creativity
Expression of feelings, passion, emotional happiness, creativity
Relaxation, wellbeing, self-love, confidence, dream recall
Joy, acceptance of true self, enhance connection to earth
Rose Quartz
"The love stone"; represents a way open your heart to love, heal heartbreak, promote self-love and being at peace with oneself
Peace and meditation, and clarity
Smoky Quartz
Centering, grounding, positive energy, help reach goals
Snow Quartz
Focus, concentration, balance
Snowflake Obsidian
Purity, balance, protection
Order and calmness, rational thought, truth, sleep, emotional balance, self-trust, intuition, luck, honesty, wisdom, clarity of thought, creativity, and cosmic beauty
Leadership, openness, independence, originality, optimism and enthusiasm
Tigers Eye
Peace and meditation, and clarity
Healing, protection, change, confrontation of fears, anxiety, calm, and relaxation
Tree Agate
Inner peace, personal power, aids in meditation
Turquoise Howlite
Connecting to higher seld, enhance friendship, love and communication
Vision, balance mind, body and soul, good health during pregnancy
White Lava Stone
Power rock that represents balance, grounding and protection to ward off negativity
Zebra Stone
Balance, improve mood, endurance, healing