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Colorful Waist Beads, Cotton Tie On

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African waist beads are the perfect tool to help with your journey or to adorn your waist out and about and at the beach! Our waist beads are handmade in Kenya, Africa and customized for your body size.




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Jewelry Attributes

Cord Material: 9-ply cotton thread
Cord Length: 45 inches

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Natural Gemstone Attributes

Gemstones: African Seed Beads
Size: approximately 4mm
Shape: Round/Oval

Please see the video at for instructions on how to install the tie-on waist beads. The video will describe how to avoid losing all your beads and shorten your waist beads for a perfect fit.

Elastic Bracelet Sizing Guide

Always use a fabric ruler or string to determine your correct size.  Wrist size is independent of clothing size.

Bracelet Size  Recommended Wrist Size
Small/Child (6.0 in) Fits 5.5-5.8 inches
Small/Adult (6.5 in) Fits 5.9-6.3 inches
Regular/Adult (7.0 in) Fits 6.4-6.8 inches
Large/Adult (7.5 in) Fits 6.9-7.3 inches
Large/Mens (8.0 in) Fits 6.9-7.8 inches

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Bulk and Custom Orders

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  • This product is not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any health condition. This product does not give the wearer superhuman powers :)
  • Gemstone colors, shapes, sizes and patterns may vary - making each bracelet unique.  Bracelets are taken in a professional light so gemstone colors may vary.
  • Please remember, the number of gemstones in each bracelet will differ according to size.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Theresadorsey2245 Howell
Beautiful and my mate loves it.

Beautiful and my mate loves it.

Katie Connelly
The waist beads are absolutely beautiful a...

The waist beads are absolutely beautiful and well made. Shipping was very fast! Will order more!

Theresadorsey2245 Howell
Love the beads and it was very fast delive...

Love the beads and it was very fast delivery

Karen Auer
Beads are beautiful, more than what I expe...

Beads are beautiful, more than what I expected!