About Us

Family First

At Zehnaria, our journey begins and end with family. Zehnaria is more than just a store, we are an advocate, a friend, a voice, and an inspiration. We strive to bring you gemstone jewelry, chakra healing stones, and aromatherapy jewelry that brighten your day, strengthen your soul, and help you to bring joy to others you love in your life. We are a family-owned business of independent women who understand that it can sometimes be difficult be get out of bed in the morning. But, we also know that life is worth embracing and a little cup of coffee can go a long way. We value family and include our friends and community within this family. We love, we laugh, and, sometimes, we even cry together!

Zehnaria was started in August 2019 and established as a major competitor of handcrafted jewelry within 6 months.  We begun with our own website at zehnaria.com and expanded to several online platforms on etsy, ebay and amazon to expand our footprint.  We are based in the beautiful city of Virginia Beach, VA.